Worklife after having a baby: moms can be ambitious as well

Being a mom doesn’t mean I can’t be ambitious. And that was being told to me. I had a meeting with my manager and HR about my ambition to get a PhD. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. And their reaction was “oh you’re going to have a baby. Things are going to change for you and let’s see how that goes first.” I was shocked hearing that because all I was thinking was: how is having a baby even have any influence on my ambitions. If I want a PhD I’ll be dedicated to reach that goal even as a mom. That goes for every goal I have in life.

I’ve read about women being discriminated while pregnant but I’d never taught I would experienced it myself. Especially in the modern society I live in. However I work in the real estate industry, which is still a conservative industry.

So when my daughter was born, I began to work after 3 months maternity leave. I wondered if my worklife would change now that I am a mom. The first few months were very tiring. But I worked the same way I did before. And I was still determined to get a PhD. Unfortunitly the company I work for didn’t have the same ambition as I did so that idea was rejected.

After a few months I wanted to get more out of my work life. That feeling became stronger when my daughter was 1 year old. It was a huge milestone for me and for my daughter. My daughter became more independent. I stopped breastfeeding, she began to walk and she can easily play by herself. As she became more independent, I had more time for myself. It became a period for me to figure out what I really wanted in life. I had everything I’ve ever wanted: graduated from university, married, bought a house and had a baby. And now? What would be my next goal in life? It was really hard because I hoped I was getting more out of my work. But unfortunately the possibilities didn’t match the way I wanted to go further. Besides I also learned that I want to spent the time without my daughter well. So I began to feel stuck in this situation.

It didn’t took long for me to take actions. I found awesome opportunities that would take my worklife to the next level. I had some good interviews with inspiring companies where I felt so much positive energy. And I’m happy to say I’m going to work as Online marketeer at an International cosmetics company! Everyone around me knows how much this company suits me.

I’m happy that what other people were saying didn’t bring me down. Achieving this means to me that I, as a mom, can have any goal, any ambition I want and that nothing and nobody can stop me. Being happy in what I am as a person makes me a better mother.