Toddler’s top 10 YouTube video’s of 2016

It’s the end of the year, which means the time of year overviews has begun. I wanted to start this time by making a top 10 about one of Emily’s favorite platforms…YouTube. I regularly put YouTube on for entertainment and play the video’s via Chromecast on my TV. Emily loves it. And since 2016 has been the transition of Emily from being a baby to a toddler, you can really find it in the video’s see has been seeing this year. She had fun dancing and singing to these songs. And most important it helped her with speaking. So here are her top 10 video’s of 2016!

1. Justin Bieber – Sorry

2. Kinderen voor Kinderen – Hupsakee

3. DD Company- Ze kunnen zeggen wat ze willen

4. Nijntje – Dans mee met Nijntje

5. DD Company – Poets je tanden

6. Monique Smit – 2 kleine kleutertjes

7. DD Company – Tsjoe Tsjoe Wa

8. Musti – Onze lieve kleine kat


9. Kinderliedjes van vroeger – Poesje miauw

10. Rihanna – Work