Things to know when buying your toddler’s first walking shoes

shoesme_pink shoesme_pink2

Emily is already walking like a pro right now. In just 2 weeks she got from taking her first 4 steps at a time to walking around the house. From then I knew it would be important to have good shoes to let her practice walking outside the house. Therefore, we bought Emily’s first walking shoes.

Around Emily’s first birthday people began to ask if she was able to walk already. Seeing other 1-year olds walking got me feeling pressured for a little bit. But I remembered how much I attach value to let my child go through her milestones in her own time. So I just waited till she took her first steps.

It was 1 week after her birthday when she started making her first steps. The feeling I had was like she could be president of Indonesia one day XD. Probably, other mothers can relate to this feeling. But I didn’t expect how quick she could learn to stand up by herself and take more steps by herself. After a week she already started to make more steps and that’s when I wanted to look for her first shoes. Not that she didn’t have shoes already since I bought her first shoes when I was 5 months pregnant.

When your child is still learning how to walk and is just taking the first steps it is important to buy special shoes for her to walk outside the house. So I started by searching online for the right kids shoe store to advise us. It surprised me that there weren’t many options to choose from. I even couldn’t find one in Amsterdam, so we went to a shoe store especially for kids in Amstelveen, called ‘Mets”.

In the store, the advisor told us to pay attention to two things when buying her first shoe. The first one was the shoe soles. Since the toddler’s feet aren’t fully developed yet, the shoe soles need to be flexible. They help the toddler to have a better grip when walking and give the feet the opportunity to form the right way. The second thing was to get the right shoe size. So they measured her feet and advised her size 20 (EU). Besides these two things, we wanted to have shoes with velcro straps to avoid unhandy situations with her shoe lace.

The shoe models available in the store were limited so went home empty handed with the mission to find the right shoes on the internet. That’s where we found shoes from the brand ‘Shoesme’ at Their specialty is the flexible shoe soles. We choose the pink pair (of course!) and received it in 2 days. From the first day until now the shoes fit perfectly and made walking so easy for Emily. The past few weeks Emily learned to walk so much better and the shoes really support her through that. Now she already has a good balance when walking and I can’t wait to see her running!