It’s flu season: 5 musthaves for toddlers with a fever

Sorry for missing last weeks blogpost. My family has been sick for the past 2 weeks. Yes, flu season has started. It’s getting colder outside which takes the toll of many people and children around us. The past 2 weeks has been difficult with us being sick. The little one had a fever and was so snotty and coughing all the time. Which is so sad especially during her sleep. To make this time easier, I make sure I’ve got these following product at home.



This is the first must-have of course. Since the body temperature of small children can go up very quickly it is necessary to measure it regularly. If the body temperature is above 38 °C it means your toddler has a fever. If you measure it regularly you’re on time with treating it.


Luuf balm

During a fever or a cold I often use a balm to soften the throat. When my toddler is coughing it can feel tough on the chest as well. I found a balm that is for toddler use only, called Luuf. The balm is based on natural ingredients and doesn’t consist any menthol. I massage the balm on her chest, throat and back. I also place a bit of balm on her nose so she can inhale it to make her breath easier through the nose during colds. You can find Luuf balm at any drugstore for € 5,95.


Minyak telon

This is a must-have during the whole year actually. It’s an aromatic oil that keeps your body warm. Minyak telon helps your baby’s skin moisturized and help prevent bloating, fussiness, improve digesting, decrease itchiness, relieve tummy pain and soften the skin. I do baby massage with it and make sure her belly, back and feet are massaged 2 times a day. The oil has a soft eucalyptus smell. In my opinion, this oil helps my toddler from being sick. It’s a real savior. Minyak telon is available at Indonesian toko’s for € 5,95.


Otrivin nasal aspirator

It’s so sad to see your toddler with a snotty nose during a cold. They can’t blow their noses by themselves yet. To clear my toddler’s nose I use the Otrivin nasal aspirator.  The aspirator makes you, as a parent, able  to suck out the snot that’s blocking the nose and helps your toddler breathe easier. I like to use this product because it’s easy to use and hygienic.  With the aspirator, I can clear the nose for as long as I want too, which isn’t possible with a small pump.  Emily doesn’t really like it when I want to use it on her, but it really helps her breathing easier during a cold. Otrivin nasal aspirator is available at any drugstore for € 7,99 and you can refill the top for € 3,99.


A lot of love and hugs

These are the most important things to give to cure your child from a fever. All they need is a lot of love and hugs. Mostly, your child will ask for their mom. You’ll probably still remember when you were sick as a child, your mom was always by your side. This also occurs for you own child. They’ll need you the most in this period. That’s why they ask so much attention during their sickness. But hey, we’re the best at giving our motherlove to them and we love to hold them. And it’s for free too!