How taking care of your child is like taking care of your career


I’ve gained some work experience now, for exactly 5 years. In these 5 years I’ve been through some stages relating my private life, job and work environment, but having to take care of a little one really opened my eyes about work. Read further to find the similarities.

Starting my career I was very young.  I’ve been working since my 16th. From working at the administration department at a large Dutch bank to being a waitress. I also had a period during my high school having 2 jobs. So I was always eager to spend my free time usefully.

My first fulltime job

After graduating from my masters degree I started to work full time at a online marketing agency. Having that experience was the best way to start off with work life and have all the basic knowledge. However during my second job that I started 3 years ago I’ve learned a lot more about work life. Especially how it’s more than doing your regular job.

Taking care of your career is like taking care of your child..

…It really is. When you start your career all you do is trying to prove you’re the best at your job. So for example, I had to write good Facebook posts for our company and our clients. I spent the most time on creating a good post and be proud of the post I’ve made. But what I’ve realized in the years following that doing your job excellent won’t take you further. What you’re doing then is do what your bosses expect you to do. And that’s OK. and I mean literally OK.  Because doing what is expected from you already, won’t bring you further in your career. If that’s your plan when starting your job I can already say you’ll be feeling stuck in your job in the following years. It’s the extra’s, the things your boss doesn’t expect from you  which bring you further in your career.

And that’s how I relate it to taking care of your child.  Having a child made me realize it isn’t important for the child that you do the things that are expected from you as a mother. For example, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, clean up your child’s room. These are actually all basics what are expected from you to do but not what your child will remember you by. The things your child will remember are the things you’ve done besides your basic job as a mom. To create good memories for your child take  her to the playground and play with her instead of sitting aside. Sing a long with your son or daughter instead of just watching watching YouTube. And show her how you cook and let her help instead of doing this quickly by yourself. This will make the difference for your child and therefore a memorable moment.

Just know that I understand that the cooking, cleaning, dressing up and all other basic tasks need to be done. How hard this already may be. Keep in mind that, your time will be well spent on the things that give that extra, not expected things, which takes you further as a mom and career woman.